Flip Tiles for Info

Student Union Food Pantry

Free items

A collection of nonperishable food items free to students.

At the corner of Tatum and across from the Coffeehouse Theater in D211 (SU Office).

Residence Life

Free food opportunities

Free grocery bags that dorm residents can request and claim before and after holidays.



Office of Student Experience

Emergency Food Grant, Food Assistance, Grocery Cards + More

  • Emergency food grants up to $200; apply once per semester. Can’t be used on routine expenses or tuition—ideal for food insecurity, stolen laptop/hard drive, rent, car repairs, etc.
  • Food Assistance Form for those in urgent need of food
  • Grocery cards available, apply by form
    • Email:

Tatum Cafe

Free food opportunities

Free donuts and coffee after 10PM

+Free cream, sugar, and ice

+Utensils and microwaves


Cafeteria & Tatum have extended summer hours.


Information compiled by the Wellness Committee.

Contact us at for more information and how you can get involved.