Physical Health

Flip Tiles for Info

Office of Student Experience

Medical Leaves, Disability Access, Ride Reimbursements + More

  • Medical leaves - short term (hospitalization, contagious, death in family), long term (up to 4 semesters - actors have to take a whole year off if they take a semester)
  • Work with student to go through and return with medical clearance
  • Disability Safety Plans - how to navigate emergencies with disability (fire alarm, etc.)
  • Ride reimbursements - no routine doctor appointments, but Lyfts to/from Henry Mayo (call Campus Safety), rare circumstance emergencies

Human Resources

Sick Leave

  • 1hr of sick leave per 30 hours of work - California law
  • To use sick leave just put in the number of hours in the sick leave column on your timesheet

Campus Safety


Showers available for key checkout with Campus Safety or Facilities: 

  1. Come to the Campus Safety Office or the Facilities Office and tell the person at the desk you would like to check out a key to the shower.  There are two showers, they are located in the E-Block 1st Floor, E-121 & E-122.

Health Services

Sexual Health, Injection help, Medical Referrals

+ More

  • Hours vary - medical doctors on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 1-7 pm
    1. Take appointments, walk-ins welcome, wait usually not long
  • Injection help - diabetes, allergies, hormones (as long as they can communicate with their doctor)
  • Can prescribe daily meds (allergies, flu/cold)
  • Referrals for x-rays and labs (covered by CalArts insurance)
  • Samuel Dixon Clinic on Thursdays and Fridays, handle sexual health
    1. STI testing for HIV, gonorrhea, and syphilis; results picked up on campus
    2. Pregnancy tests and birth control (prescriptions, Nexplanon, can do IUD but is required to go to their site)
    3. UTI tests
    4. Pap smears (over 21)
    5. Apply for program, is covered
  • Have a list of doctors/specialists
  • *Emergencies are recommended to go to UrgentCare/Campus Safety

Residence Life

Resident Assistant Training

RA training - mandated reporters and trained to handle physical health crisis

Information compiled by the Wellness Committee.

Contact us at for more information and how you can get involved.